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Part 1: Somalia's Electronic Mobile Money Transfer System: Risks and Opportunities

In Somalia and other parts of Africa, Electronic Mobile Money Transfer (E-MMT) providers are becoming systemically important operators whose failure, or potential service outage, could create significant civil and economic disruption. Part One of this Issue provides insights into the risks and benefits of E-MMT business models and why regulating them effectively must be a top priority.

What happens if , all of a sudden, one of the key E-MMT operators fails and all the money in the mobile wallets is lost? What happens if everyone tries to redeem their mobile wallets into cash, creating a run on of an E-MMT? What about the consequences of operational risk events (such as cyber attacks, system outages, people and process issues) that could cripple an E-MMT system and create widespread consumer panic and an economic crisis?

My paper analyses these and many other risks - both from the perspective of the consumer and the economy. Rather than waiting for regulatory guidance, companies that think strategically ahead, take the initiative and manage these risks effectively will reap significant reputation and consumer confidence dividends, making them leaders not only in Somalia but potentially throughout Africa. In financial services, it is all about confidence.

Read the full analyses here:

The full document is also available under the "Downloads" section of

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Hababka loo isticmaalo isku xawilaadda lacagaha moobiladda waxay leedahay muhiimaddo dhaqaale iyo ganacsi isugu jira. Halkaan ka akhriso sida nidaamkan lacagaha lagu kala dirsado saameyn aad u weyn ugu yeelan karo wadanka dakhligiisa iyo daahfurnaanta ganacsiga. Sidoo kale, maqaalkan ka faham sida ay lagama maarmaan ay u tahay in la helo nidaam wanaagsan oo si wadajir ah u keenaan dowladdda iyo shirkadaha moobiladda lacagaha lagu kala xawilo.

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